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    COVID-19 Notice

    As the world continues to navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Al Jaber Travel is ready to assist travelers throughout this challenging period. Contact us for up-to-date info on global destinations, ways you can help stop the spread of COVID-19, and tools and resources for staying abreast of this ever-changing situation.

    Be sure to check travel restrictions and guidelines on both your country of origin and your destination, and pay attention to the dates listed for all sources consulted to make sure you are reviewing current info.

    Many nations are enacting more stringent travel restrictions or travel bans, and new policies are being implemented daily. The IATA is also maintaining a comprehensive country-by-country list of Covid-19 restrictions on travel.

    Most commercial airlines have reduced routes because of the pandemic. In addition, several hotels, restaurants, and attractions around the world have closed to avoid large gatherings.

    It’s uncertain when travel restrictions will lift completely. If you’re considering a trip, make sure to check cancellation policies before booking.

    Covid-19 Advice per Destination
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